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2 Piece Silk Dress Casual Wear Hayakia HK-V800


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  • Collection Silk Collection
  • Cloth Embroidered
  • Design Code HK-V800
  • Fabric Silk
  • Product Type 2 Piece
  • Size Medium


2 Piece Silk Dress Imagine a sophisticated two-piece ladies’ dress crafted from luxurious silk fabric in the enchanting shade of Mauve Taupe, a rich and elegant color with a subtle blend of deep taupe and warm mauve undertones. The top of the ensemble boasts a tastefully designed blouse, featuring a flattering neckline and subtle draping that accentuates the natural flow of the silk.
The skirt, in perfect harmony with the top, gracefully descends with a gentle flare, highlighting the silky texture with each movement. The Mauve Taupe hue adds a touch of timeless allure, casting a soft and flattering glow. The overall design embraces simplicity and refinement, allowing the sumptuous silk fabric and the distinctive color to speak for themselves. This two-piece dress embodies a perfect blend of sophistication and understated luxury, making it an ideal choice for any elegant occasion.
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